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Spend a week at iSandlwana in 2016 with Ian Knight, the author of 'Zulu Rising'!

     The concept of this tour is to spend a week exploring the defining campaign of the Anglo-Zulu War in depth. If you have already been on a general tour of the war as a whole, or if your particular interest is in the battles of iSandlwana and Rorke's Drift, this tour is for you. This year we break the journey from Johannesburg with an overnight stop at the Ithala Game Reserve in northern KwaZulu Natal, from where we visit the area where King Cetshwayo was captured in August 1879 (please not that the exact spot is difficult to access - we will get as close as we can). After that, we will be staying at the wonderful Isandlwana Lodge, which overlooks the battlefield itself,  for the remainder of our stay. From here we can drive out each day to visit aspects of the campaign - this allows us the flexibility to amend our itinerary or to respond to the particular interests of our guests.

Please note that we will walk the battlefields where we can to gain a better appreciation of the terrain; those not wishing to partake of all the walks are welcome to stay and enjoy a break at the Lodge's pool instead!


Cost of the tour is £2330.00 per person sharing - single supplement is £360.00.

Your tour will be accompanied throughout by IAN KNIGHT and by your experienced locally-registered guide PAUL MARAIS.

Day 1   Thursday, April 28, 2016          Pick up at Johannesburg International, drive to Royal Natal National Park for overnight stay.

Day 2     Friday, April 29, 2016             Visit the location where the movie ZULU was filmed in the Royal Natal Park in 1963. 

Day 3     Saturday, April 30, 2016         Drive to the stunning Isandlwana Lodge, our accomodation for the remainder of the tour, taking in historical sites along the way.


Day 4   Sunday, May 01, 2016             'Crossing the Buffalo';  Chart the first shots of the iSandlwana campaign, beginning at the Mzinyathi River - the old Anglo-Zulu border - where we will explore James Rorke's crossing (the original 'Rorke's Drift') and the remains of Fort Northampton, built on the Zulu bank during the troubles of the 1880s. From there we will follow the line of the British advance along the old wagon track over Batshe river. Here we will investigate the site of the homestead of inkosi Sihayo, who commanded the border region on behalf of the King, and the place where his followers were dispersed on 12 January 1879 - the first shots of the war.

Day 5   Monday, May 02, 2016           A general over-view of the iSandlwana campaign. We will drive out to a viewpoint overlooking the Ngwebeni valley, where the Zulu army bivouacked before the battle, then view the battlefield from the iNyoni escarpment, from the perspective of the Zulu commanders. From there we will visit to the battlefield interpretation centre and camp area. 

Day 6   Tuesday, May 03, 2016           Descend into the Ngwebeni valley, where the Zulu army bivouacked the night before it's attack at iSandlwana.  Then follow the line of the advance of the Zulu left horn and its encounter with Col. Durnford's command. Climb Amatutshane, 'the Conical Kopje'.

Day 7   Wednesday, May 04, 2016       Follow the line of Col. Anthony Durnford’s advance forward from iSandlwana, visit the iNyogane stream - 'Durnford's donga' - and explore the site where his rocket battery was over-run.       

Day 8   Thursday, May 05, 2016          Explore the movements of the Zulu right horn, starting at the mouth of the Ngwebeni valley and walking across to the outlying spurs occupied during the battle by Mostyn and Cavaye’s detachments. This is an opportunity to consider some of the more controversial aspects of the campaign regarding the initial contact between the two armies.  

Day 9   Friday, May 06, 2016               Explore the area forward of iSandlwana where the itinial encounters took place - Dartnell's encounter on the evening of 21 January 1879, and Lord Chelmsford's operations on the 22nd. Visit the spot where Chelmsford's ADC, Lt. Milne, climbed Magogo Hill to look back at iSandlwana. 

Day 10 Saturday, May 07, 2016            'The road to iSandlwana'; on this day we will drive down the British line of communication to Fort Bengough in Msinga, then the site of Fort Pine, the impressive colonial 'laager' at Helpmekaar. Then we will drive to the graves of Lts Melvill and Coghill for the story of Fugitives’ Drift. Next, Rorke’s Drift! Explore the site of one of the most iconic battles of the Victorian era.

Day 11   Sunday, May 08, 2016             Return to Johannesburg International,  return flights home.


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PLEASE NOTE; This tour requires a minimum of five people to proceed.