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Huw M Jones

I was very sorry to hear of the death last week of Huw M Jones. Huw will be best known to students of the Anglo-Zulu War for his masterly study of the Utrecht district during the war, including the battle of Hlobane, The Boiling Cauldron. He had spent part of his career in government service in Swaziland and he had a strong interest in the role of the Swazi prince, Mbilini waMswati, in the war, and Swazi involvement along the convuluted north-western border of Zululand.

Zulu Rising


Ian Knight has been publishing on the Anglo-Zulu war period for over twenty years. His most recent book is the highly acclaimed Zulu Rising, published in hardback, paperback and enhanced e-book (with extra pictures of the battlefields) by Pan Macmillan.


Restoration of historic guns nears completion

According to an article in The Witness this week, work is almost complete on two artefacts of extraordinary historic importance to the history of both the Zulu kingdom and of the colony of Natal.


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