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Collaborators and Resisters - A Common Experience

     For the last couple of weeks I've been working on a title for the Osprey 'Men-At-Arms' series on the New Zealand Wars. Whilst clearly off my usual turf, it has been interesting, researching this, to notice some parallels between the Zulu and Maori experience of British Imperialism.

4th July; Ulundi Day

    It's always struck me as ironic that whilst my American friends rightly celebrate 4 July as the day they threw off the influence of the British Empire for my Zulu friends it has rather more melancholic associations. It is the anniversary of the battle the British know as Ulundi, and which the Zulus over the years have known variously as KwaNodwengu and oCwecweni - the last major confrontation in the invasion of 1879, and for them the final devastating defeat of a catastrophic campaign.


Anglo-Zulu War Weekend, Brecon

Just got back from an interesting weekend in distinctly rain-swept Wales. It was an Anglo-Zulu War event hosted by the Regimental Museum and organised by Bill Cainan, who took over as curator there last year. Most regimental museums in the UK are in a parlous state just now as many have lost whatever financial support they enjoyed from the Army due to the current government spending cuts and are now entirely dependant on attendance fees and private donations.


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