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The Osprey Warrior series takes a detailed look at the lives of warriors and soldiers across the ages considering  the factors which caused them to enlist, how they lived in peacetime and on campaign,how they were provisioned,  what rewards they expected from soldiering, how they were dressed, armed and fought, what their experience of battle was like and finally their prospects after they left the armed forces. In this title Ian Knight looks at the lives of Zulu warriors from the days of King Shaka through the Anglo-Zulu War to the last rebellion of 1906. The Zulu were essentially a part-time citizen army who only assembled for a short period each year and who were accustomed to dispersing after each major battle - yet they possessed a vigorous military ethic and a structured and organised regimental system. This book - as is usual with Osprey - is profusely illustrated throughout with photographs and illustrations of warriors and weapons and includes excellent colour artwork from Angus McBride.