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Zulu War Tours

Join Ian on a tour and walk the ground to gain an in depth understanding of the events of the day
The following tours are opportunities to Join Ian on the battlefields
The Ultimate Zulu War Tour

  • This tour takes in all the battles of the conflict in 1879 and begins in Durban and ends in Johannesurg, looking at the Coastal Column, then the Norther Column, and finally the Central Column, where we spend the last four days at the magnificent Isandlwana lodge.  For more details of the tour go to its page below

Isandlwana with Ian Knight

  • This tour is based at Isandlwana Lodge and examines the complexities of the  battle in great detail.  It will give you a thourough grasp of the terrain and give time to ponder the events as you wander over seldom visited ground. 

Zulu War Uncut

  • Examine the events that lead up to this tour, visit the middle drift and explore the aftermath of the Zulu war.  It is off the beaten track and offers further insight into how modern South Africa was shaped by strong historical forces